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The Tipsy Typers Celebrate Year One!

It all started in November of 2022. I was participating in National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo to generate the first draft A Steamy Cup of Mayhem (currently in edits.)

Having recently gone though some major upheaval in my life, I was finally feeling social again and thought I'd dip my toe in by attending a local NaNoWriMo Write-In. (A Write-in is where nerds get together with their laptops and work on their own projects while sitting next to each other. And occasionally do more talking about writing than actual writing!)

When I went to look at the website for something to attend, it quickly became clear that: ALL the Write-Ins were in Seattle. Every single one. Ugh. Do I live super far away from Seattle? No, I do not. But fighting traffic across the bridge in the dark and cold, finding and paying for parking, and then meeting up with a bunch of strangers on top of all that--um, no thank you.

Disappointed, I stewed. Seattle thinks it's sooooooo cool. Surely there had to be other writers who lived the burbs? Why wasn't there was something even close to my neighborhood? Why, why, why isn't there a meet-up for people like me? It's so simple. All we needed was someone who liked planning events, and knew my neighborhood, and wanted all the same elements in a Write-In that I required to make me happy--and have that person create an Eastside Write-In.

Who could this unicorn be? Where could I find them????

After the drama died down a bit, it occurred to me that I'd just described myself.

And the Tipsy (and Tea Sipsy) Typers were born.

As is typical for me, I jumped in with both feet. Instead of one trial, I immediately set up weekly meet-ups on the NaNo site. November 1st arrived along with my nerves.

I was positive the first Write-In would be me and one murderer.

Or, worse, me and my laptop ALL ALONE sitting at a long, empty table decorated with Tipsy Typer signs. (Yes, of course I decorated.) (And brought prizes.)

Would I get stood up?

Was I the only writer who lived in the burbs?

I was not.

The first event was HUGE!! The numbers died down after the first meeting and there were many repeat customers. At the end of November we decided we were having too much fun and getting too much writing done to say goodbye. We started meeting once a month at our favorite pub to write, drink, and talk about writing. New people joined through the year, friendships and writing partnerships bloomed, we celebrated nominations, awards, and personal wins with our fellow members. We are experienced writers, published writers, and brand-newbies. We are fun and we are good at snacks!

This Wednesday we're celebrating a year together with our first-ever reading. Fourteen writers, sharing their work in the neighborhood bar--it's gonna be a blast.

Tipsy Typers has exceeded my wildest expectations. This writing club-in-a-pub has been fun, inspiring, and--for me--healing. A good reminder to take risks. Put yourself and your writing out there--someone's gonna to love it. And you won't know who is out there waiting for you, unless you call out "yoohoo!"

It's an honor to be a part of this lovely, little community. Who knows what we'll get up to next?

Thank you to all my Tinsel Covered TiTys ;) -- Can't wait to hear your stories.

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