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Consolation Prize

Joking with writer friends at #TipsyTypers made me realize I'd forgotten to post my "Consolation Prize" picture from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association literary contest.

My short story "Ina Johansson Vs. The Scotcheroo Bandit" was a finalist, but it did not place in the contest this year. Luckily, my self-soothing skills are on point. BEHOLD how I put the #scotch in #scotcharoobars!!

(Don't get your kilt in a knot, darling. Yes, I do know that Irish Whiskey is not the same as Scotch. I hope we can all agree that the word play in this instance is too fun to pass up. If we cannot agree, please cry into the beverage and cereal treat of your choice. Thank you and goodnight.)

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