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As a drama teacher, it can be challenging to find a great play for children. In Kate Swenson's plays, every singe role is special and has a moment.

My students love Kate's plays because they are imaginative and wacky.


Her humor speaks to young people. Her characters encourage my actors to be big and bold.


I would highly recommend.

--Zoe Wilson

Drama Teacher 

Open Window School

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A Steamy Cup of Murder 

by Kate Swenson


Deja Brew 

by Brenda Beem


Midnight Sun Murder 

by Martina Dalton


The Clock Strikes One 

by Maren Higbee


First and Foremost at the High Ground Café 

by Robin Russell

This collection will only be available on Kindle for a limited time, so grab it “to go” before it evaporates!

A bored heart surgeon with an unusual hobby receives a mysterious invitation she can't resist.

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