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As a drama teacher, it can be challenging to find a great play for children. In Kate Swenson's plays, every singe role is special and has a moment.

My students love Kate's plays because they are imaginative and wacky.


Her humor speaks to young people. Her characters encourage my actors to be big and bold.


I would highly recommend.

--Zoe Wilson

Drama Teacher 

Open Window School

I have made it an unwritten, but totally official, professional goal to direct every play in the Pink Llama Drama catalogue. 

Cory Southwell

Programs Director

Youth Theatre NW

Plays by Kate

Unique plays for young actors.
A moment in the spotlight for everyone.

Click below for the full catalogue

‘Gripping storytelling’
The Good Read Blog

The fact that her plays can connect with adults and kids is a testament to her talent.

Matt Dela Cruz

Drama Teacher

Brighton School

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